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Erin's Poetry

                The moon was quiet 
                   yet so, so loud
                     I could not tell yet 
                       what I had found
                         I stood to look _ 
                                         and it stood still
                              it was so different, 
                               and yet, so real
                                The sky was painted...  
                                  a beautiful sight
                                    and I stood in stillness 
                                         with much fright
                         Was I scared of life the sky had shown?
                               Or was I afraid of being alone? 
                          It's times like these you look at yourself
                              instead of looking at everyone else.
                                         Next time 
                                  you can stop and see, 
                         if the one above is speaking with thee.

                                        E. O'Canady  1/14/98 

My Question...

I feel sorrow
I feel pain
I'm standing outside
in the falling rain
I want to talk
but no one is here
I live my life
in constant fear
What is my question
you do not know
It will never be answered
I know, I know.

By Erin O'Canady,
As published in "Dreams of Everyday" by The Poetry Guild

A newborn baby
Oh how sweet
You kiss their hands
you kiss their feet
They grow up
get in too deep
All you do is sit and weep.

You stand and watch them from afar
with no clue of who they are
You ask yourself what went wrong
and oh it's been so, so long
since you kissed their hands
and kissed their feet

They grew up
got in too deep
and all you do
is sit and weep

E. O'Canady

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