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I Hope you enjoy my poetry.

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I sit in church and look around
But there is nothing to be found

I look for peace
I look for love
Yet there's no comfort from above
Has He left my faith to die?
All I can do is sit and cry.

I sit in church and look around
but there is nothing to be found

How can a church be so cruel
they've even lost the Golden Rule
This is not how church should be
Church should always look to Thee.

I simply do not understand
but maybe I've lost hold of His hand.

I sit in church and look around
but there is nothing to be found

I am not terribly afraid
I've been taught to be brave
Sometimes it's hard to find the trust
when all you see is all the dust
No sparkle,
no shine...
just memories I must leave behind

Mom says it will be okay,
but will I ever forget this day?

I sit in church and look around
But there is nothing to be found.

Easter, '98    E. Canady


Church                      What is a church?
a building
a preacher
the people
Are the people as one
or are they separated
Do they worship one God
Do they worship themselves
Do they stand behind each other
or "gossip" and fight
what is church
Is it love
or is it faith
Is it confusion
or is it hate?
What is church.

On the outside I look great
but on the inside I'm in debate
I think, maybe they are wrong
and I am right
but who can say who'll win the fight
Am I using my head or being lead?
God is who can answer me...
but will He in my time of need?

I hear crying, or is that rain
I see lightning or is that pain
Is He up there looking down
angry with us, watching us drown
mad at us for loosing ground
I'm so confused at this time
I think my church committed a crime
No one is perfect...this is true
but is it possible to be so rude?

Am I wrong to feel I don't belong
to the church I've gone to along and along?

my eyes will not stop pouring
and outside i hear Him roaring
What do I do, which way do I turn
Is there something here that I must learn?

I'm not the only one suffering here
many others share my tears

the One above is crying too ...

I hear the thunder
I see the lightning
I feel the hail.


I worry about this and think about that
Will my head blow up or my heart go flat
I've grown a lot in my 20 years,
but have I grown enough to conquer my fears
I can stand being alone
but can i stand on my own
I am just a child you see
trying to live in a fantasy
I know He's here right by my side

but today He cannot hear my cry

I sigh for help and scream for love...

E. O'canady

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